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Ruleset by Dyketacular
All art by Ken Sugimori, from Bulbapedia archive

Hail and well met, pokémon trainers of the world! Before you lies an expanded Nuzlocke challenge, meant to blend the elements of tabletop role playing games with the Pokémon main series video games adding fresh challenges and stories to the typical Nuzlocke run. This is accomplished by assigning pokémon roles & classes, incorporating death saves, and encouraging role play. 

These rules try to be accommodating, but assume some understanding of the Pokémon games and of role playing games like Dungeons & Dragons.

What is a Nuzlocke Challenge?
The Nuzlocke challenge is a set of rules designed to create a higher level of difficulty in the Pokémon games. For Dungeons & Pokémon The Nuzlocke rules serve as a base upon which to expand. The rules promote closer bonds between a player and their pokémon, and are not an in-game function, but self-imposed restrictions. "Nuzlocke" comes from the comic series of the same name by Nick Franco.

So what is Dungeons & Pokémon?
This challenges builds off of the Nuzlocke Challenge rules and adds concepts from tabletop role playing games to create an even deeper experience for people wishing to get more out of the Pokémon video games and their Nuzlocke runs. Check out the screenshots, or download for free to see the full rules!

If you're looking for a more streamlined and easier-to-understand ruleset, check out my other challenge - Rocket Lairs & Dragonairs!

Compatible Games:

This ruleset can work with any main series Pokémon RPG game, but is most suited for Generation IV or later, after moves were given a damage category individually, rather than by type. 

Rule adjustments & notes for specific games:
Below is an (incomplete) list of Pokémon games that may need slight rule adjustments to work properly with this ruleset. If notice other issues, please reach out and let me know and I will work to clarify or create a solution, and add notes here.

  • Generations I-III: Before generation IV, whether a move was classified as physical or special was determined by the move's type. This makes certain classes in these rules (like fighter, monk, and mage classes) more difficult to use. It can be worked around or fudged, but players should be aware of the type based categories.
  • Generation VII:  Players should treat individual island trials as gyms for any rule that mentions gyms.
  • Pokémon Let's Go: Leveling can be difficult in this game since you have to 'catch'  Pokémon Go-style instead of battling wild pokémon. A possible solution is to count the first pokémon encountered (defined as entering the catch screen) each route as the only one the player can catch. After that, a player can 'catch' more pokémon to level up and gain experience, but all of these pokémon must be transferred to the Pokémon Prof. for candy. It is up to the player to be responsible while doing this as to not abuse the feature and over-level their team.

Install instructions

This file is a PDF document with a series of self-imposed restrictions and rules which you can add to any Pokémon main series RPG. Simply download the file, and print if desired!

You will need a 20-sided die for certain elements of play. You can use a physical die, or one of many online dice rollers, like google's.

If you would like a high quality physical zine [Approx Size - 5.25"x7.25"] of this ruleset, I am happy to mail them to anyone living in the USA  Simply make a donation of $3.00 or more to a charity organization of your choice, and send send me the receipt, and your preferred mailing address in a message on twitter!


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Technicality D&d is already a nuzlock. But I like this anyways